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N-95 Masks (Respirators) are a Key Component for Safety in a Emergency or Disaster

* N-95 masks remove fine particles from the air and act like a HEPA filter for your lungs.
* Whether it is smoke from a fire, dust and smoke from a earthquake or terrorist event, or even airborne infectious particles these masks provide superior protection.
*Many people think they are prepared when they apply a dust mask from the hardware store, however those masks let in the fine particles and put your health at risk.
*N-95 masks are certified by the National Institute of Occupational Safety (NIOSH) for their ability to filter out small particles.
*Everyone should have a box of N-95 masks as part of their emergency preparedness supplies.

Free shipping in contiguous 48 states

Face masks provide superior protection against swine flu, bird flu, smoke, and dust
Ear-Loop Surgical Masks are not N95 rated.
  • Ear-Loop Masks "Limited Quantities"loose packs of 10 masks
  • Blue, 3-Ply, fold flat masks which are fluid resistant
  • 10 masks loose packed per order
  • Particle filteration efficiency: 98.9% at 0.1 Microns differential pressure. Delta P: 2.44 MM H2O bacterial filteration efficiency : 97.6% at 2.8 Microns
  • $16.99

    N-95 Respirator Face masks
    N95 masks include low cost shipping with every order.
  • N-95 Masks Respirators
    • Adjustable nosepiece and inner foam provide a custom seal for different facial shapes
    • Meets NIOSH Standards
    • Box of 20
  • $29.99 Sold Out

    N-95 Respirator Face mask
    N95 masks include low cost shipping with every order.

  • N-95 Masks Respirators
  • Flat folding design and individually wrapped for easy carrying or storage
  • Fits easily in your travel bag or emergency kit
  • Comes with or without valves
  • Valves add increased comfort for longer wear
  • Soft edges permit good fit to different facial shapes.
  • Meets NIOSH Standards
  • Box of 20
  • Fold Flat Style $34.00 Sold Out
    Sold OutFold Flat Style With Valves $39.00