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 10 Person Office Kit
 Item #9000329                                     $251.00

SO10 - Our Ten Person Office Survival Kit has the essentials needed to support 10 adults for three days. These buckets are perfect for storing outdoors because they are water tight so they can stay outside for years.

Buckets contain all the essentials including - water, food, sanitation, shelter, light, warmth, first aid.

Ten Person Home Survival Kit
  Kit contains the following items:
  • (10) 2400 Calorie food bar - This is has a five year shelf life and is approved by the US and International Coast Guard.
  • (10) 25 ounce water boxes - This is has a five year shelf life and is approved by the US and International Coast Guard.
  • (10) Solar Blanket - This blanket was developed by NASA to keep astronaut warm. Ideal for emergency conditions. Retains 90% of body warmth.
  • (1) 8” x 10” Blue Trap
  • (2) Pair of Work Gloves - These tough gloves are perfect for clearing debris during emergencies.
  • (1) 123 Piece First Aid Kit - This first aid kit has all the essential you need.
  • (50) Germicidal Tablets
  • (6) 12 Hour Light Stick - Light sticks are ideal for emergency light and to allow rescue workers to find you at night.
  • (50) Waterproof Matches - These matches will light even if they are wet.
  • (10) Dust Mask - Helps during cleanup.
  • (1) 15” Pry Bar - Essential tool to open doors that are wedged shut or for search and rescue
  • (1) ”D” Cell Flashlight
  • (2) Alkaline Batteries
  • (1) 300” Roll Caution Tape
  • (5) Pair of Latex Gloves - Use full for emergency use.
  • (1) Pack of five Camping Candles - Great for emergency lighting.
  • (1) Emergency Tent - Helps keep you dry during an emergency
  • (1) Solar Powered AM/FM Radio/Flashlight - This is ideal for any emergency situation. This flashlight can be powered by either batteries, solar panel, or on a hand crank.
  • (12) Toilet Liners - These bags are usefull in many ways.
  • (2) 5 Gallon Bucket with Toilet Lid
  • (10) Wet Naps
  • (1) Toilet Chemicals